Amber Does Weight Watchers – Week 4

This week was the epitome of the Weight Watchers mantra – one or two bad days won’t destroy 5 days of good eating.

Stress was once again the name of the game. Work was pretty nuts, Andy had a cousin fly in unexpectedly, and then we had to drop the dogs at my dad’s and a friend’s place so we could make a day trip to Norfolk for a 30th birthday party. All in all, my schedule was out of whack (I even flaked on a nail appointment I rescheduled). However, I did my best to hold true to points during the week!

I had 4 days that I stayed within the “healthy eating zone” which means I ate between 30 and 40 points that day (3 fewer to 7 over my norm). I did not go to the gym which likely would’ve gotten my weight down even more, but I did do my best to take care of myself. I tried getting to bed early, and since I wasn’t going to the gym, I made great eating choices. When we were in Norfolk, I didn’t overdo the drinking and though we did order pizza, we made the choice to split one so we wouldn’t overeat. I was pretty surprised by my results either way, but this just gives me more motivation to keep going! With my bridal shower coming up on the 26th, I’m hoping I can get my below the 220 mark (which seems very likely) and as close to 215 as possible.

WEEK 4 (03/06 -03/12) 

Current Weight: 220.5 lbs

Previous Weight: 222.5 lbs

Starting Weight: 225 lbs

Week’s loss: -2 lbs

Total loss: -4.5 lbs

Days of Cardio: 0

Days of Weights: 0

NSV: I ordered a dress that would normally fit me and it was too big! I’m getting it hemmed since they don’t offer it in a size smaller.


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