Amber Does Weight Watchers – Week 3

Only the whole, let’s chalk this week up to a success. Things at work were a little more low key, so I didn’t have the urge to stress eat quite so much, and Andy and I made more of an effort to cook at home. When we did go out, we grabbed sushi which was an amazing choice. At work, there were donuts and pizza to partake in, and while I did enjoy some, I planned ahead! I only ate half of a donut and had a banana with it to help fill me up. At lunch, I ate half of a sandwich and then 1.5 pieces of cheese pizza that was brought in by a family that owns a pizza joint. Not too shabby.

Andy and I went into the city after work on Friday and stayed through Saturday afternoon, and while we did indulge in the city, I didn’t let it derail my week. Check out my post coming later this week if you want to read more about an amazing tapas brunch in DC.

As far as the gym goes, I hit my 3 day goal and ran (on the elliptical) about 45 minutes each of those days. Sometimes, it’s so hard to get to the gym, but once I’m done I’m always proud of it! So, the long-awaited stats. Did my focus pay off?

WEEK 3 (02/27 -03/05) 

Current Weight: 222.5 lbs

Previous Weight: 224.5 lbs

Starting Weight: 225 lbs

Week’s loss: -2 lbs

Total loss: -2.5 lbs

Days of Cardio: 3

Days of Weights: 0

NSV: The only one I can really find in this week is some self-control; 1.5 slices of pizza, ordering ratatouille at Macaroni Grill, etc…

Here’s hoping I exhibit the same self-control during Week 4!



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