Amber Does Weight Watchers – Week 2

Well, this week could have gone a little better. Not only was it a tough week in general (work kicked my butt with at least 3 people out each day to cover), but I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I would have liked, and unfortunately, I don’t really have a solid excuse. My eating, while great on some days, was pretty bad on others.

Monday was training day at work and they catered in Olive Garden. I made some good choices, but did end up dipping into my weekly points for that. I also snacked on candy throughout the day – why must they tempt us! The rest of the week went great until Thursday. I had a blast at cookbook club with the girls, but unfortunately, Italian night means tons of carbs! Two types of pasta, bread and even the ciambella I baked. I would’ve probably eaten more were I not on WW but I still didn’t do a great job controlling myself. Saturday and Sunday were also tricky days. Saturday my brother asked if I wanted to take my mom out for a super early birthday dinner since he is going out of town for the next couple months. Well, we agreed and of course, birthdays mean good food and plenty of desserts. I know it messed up my day but it couldn’t have been completely terrible. The main culprit this week? I went off the deep end Sunday. We went to this Cajun/Creole place with my dad and brother, and I simply can’t resist Cajun food. I ordered fried oysters (bad), shrimp and grits (not the worst) and beignets (really, really bad). Then, instead of cooking at home, I agreed to get takeout. I chose the salad, but I ate almost the entire thing with creamy Italian dressing. Later, I polished off some delicious sea salt-caramel Halo Top ice cream. It was absolutely delicious though!

Anyhow, all of the above has been meant to wane your expectations. Here are my week 2 stats.

WEEK 2 (02/20 -02/26) 

Current Weight: 224.5 lbs

Previous Weight: 225 lbs

Week’s loss: -0.5 lbs

Total loss: -0.5 lbs

Days of Cardio: 1

Days of Weights: 0

NSV: None so far.


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