Amber Does Weight Watchers – Week 1

As they say, “Fourth time’s the charm!” Or is it? I’m on the road to discover if my fourth time using Weight Watchers can really break through for me. Come along on a journey of accountability, trial-and-error and (hopefully) weight-loss.

As a teen, living in an area where the average person (including your own mother) seemed to be a size 4 and you were squeezing into a 12 in the dressing room next door felt like the end of the world. No one ever said I was heavy – not one single person. I wasn’t teased for weight. I was invited to parties. There were guys interested in me. I played sports. I played music. I had just about the most normal high school experience you could imagine. The one thing that I just couldn’t seem to get around was the fact that my friends were all skinnier than I was. Perception is everything, right?

Well, fast-forward more than a decade (phew…I’m getting old) and here I am dreaming of a size 12. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely developed a sense of self-worth and confidence that can be infectious and may at times rival my skinnier counterparts, but it would be naive to say there aren’t aspects of my life that would be improved were I a bit slimmer. You see, my current life is lived between general department stores and specialty outlets. My body shape fits plus-size for bottoms and tops, but I don’t have the ass to fill out those jeans and my torso is too short for many of the shirts to sit correctly. In traditional sizes, jeans don’t have the correct curves for my stomach or thighs while tops hug my chest and tummy in all the wrong ways. It’s primarily inconvenience, and a little vanity, that urges me to lose weight; not soul-crushing anxiety and self-doubt. Now that I’m getting married in 3 months, I have some motivation back. I’m crossing my fingers for some growth (or rather…shrinkage) and will be reporting my progress weekly. I also included a photo to give myself a reminder of my starting point. I will not be focusing on weight goals because my goals will be mostly NSVs as they’re known in the WW world (non-scale victories); things like fitting into a pair of jeans I haven’t in a year or two, my arms looking better in my wedding dress or being able to run a 5k. Here’s to a renewed adventure!

November 2017 – Engagement Photo!

WEEK 1 – Let’s get it going!

Current Weight: 225 lbs

Previous Weight: N/A

Week’s loss: N/A

Total loss: N/A

Days of Cardio: N/A

Days of Weights: N/A




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